I know that the 8th of Rabi’ Al Awal is the day of Imam Hassan Al Askari martyrdom. I heard that the day after is Eid al Zahra or Farhat al Zahra. My question is, was the Imam Al Mahdi given his status on the 8th of Rabi Al Awal right after the martyrdom of his beloved father or on the 9th because the ninth is the day we celebrate him getting his Imam satus/Farhat al Zahraa? I have heard some saying its on the 8th, the night of the 8th, or the 9th which is the day of farhat al zahra. Could you please clarify. Also could you explain more to me about what Farhat Al Zahraa is and why its called that?

Generally speaking each Imam assumes leader ship right after the martyrdom of the previous one. Some try to justify the celebration on the ninth because it is the day after the martyrdom of Imam alAskari. Others suggest that it is the day that Omar was killed.
Historically the second Khalifah was killed in the month of zulhijjah However Omar son of Saad was killed on the ninth of Rabi’ And that could be the reason why early lovers of Ahlul Bayt celebrated