I know the Prophet {s.a.w.a} wore a red carnelian ring and he told Imam Ali {a.s} and his followers to do likewise. So I receive as a gift this beautiful akik ring from Turkey with Ahlul Bayt {a.s} names around the whole ring and on the agate is inscribed "Alhamdulillah – La Illa Ha Illa La – "Astaghfirullah". But here is my question. I took it to a jeweler who told me the stone was agate but not carnelian and now my concern is that it will not have the same protective effect as the natural stone will have. Can you please give me advice and address this concern so that I may either find mental peace or buy a genuine ring instead.

Use this nice ring and also get an aqee ring as well. Carnelian stone is not an alternate to aqeeq.