I know wearing makeup in front of non mahrams is haram but I have another question. My skin is uneven and I have severe hyperpigmentation. Also, I have extremely dark circles around the eyes. Is it permissible to apply very minimal makeup to hide that hyperpigmentation and make my skin look even? I would only be applying a little bit to make my skin look even and that is it. Or is that also considered beautification and not allowed?

If that will bring your skin/looks to what is considered “normal,” then that is allowed and not haram. Applying light make up to hide dark circles only and to make the skin pigmentation look normal is permissible. What is haram is “Zeena,” and that’s beautifying the face beyond what is normal. he Qur’an states a woman should not show her Zeena to non-Mahram men. Zeena is basically “adornments” or “beautification.” So if this girl brings to her face to what is considered “neutral” and makeup free in society then it’s fine. If it’s more than that, and it would be seen as visible makeup that beautifies the face, then it would be haram.