I live in a family of five and don't get much privacy and I often find myself doing dua and speaking to Allah and the Imam in the shower is this permissible? I don't mean to be disrespectful when I do it, I just feel closer to Allah. When I do it another time, I feel tired or don't feel too comfortable or spiritual as I don't get much privacy. I also tried speaking to Allah during salah but I don't enjoy praying.

My second question is how do I enjoy praying and stop wanting to rush?

There is no problem with conversing in the shower, it’s disliked to talk when one is relieving themselves however.
Do avoid rushing prayers remember two things.
1. That you may die after the prayer is concluded.
2. That whatever you want is in the hands of the one you are praying to and not in anyone else’s hand. So why would you rush your meeting with the main connection to all your needs?