I live in a sunni country, thus the food is halal everywhere.

But there are many indian and chinese people who works in the restaurant.

1) If I can see the kitchen, and I saw that the cooks dont wear gloves.
-And I dont know if its a hindu people or a pakistani or if I see the chinese , I dont know if he is christian or not. Do I have the right to eat?

2) The second situation, is sometimes workers are chinese or indian or bangladesh, but I cant see the kitchen. I still have the right to eat there ?

3) If the man that washes the dishes is a hindu or a chinese people. It means that we can not eat or drink in the things that he washed ?
And If I dont know his religion but he just look like an indian?

For food to be haraam for consumption in the above scenarios, you should have reached certainty (yaqeen) that the said food has become najis