I live in Australia and work for a large financial lending institution. I love working for them, they look after me and even provide a prayer room for Muslim workers. One thing that bothers me and that is that I work for a lending organisation so basically a significant amount of income is made by charging interest on their loans but they also make a significant amount of income from halal friendly ways such as monthly account maintenance fees, loan termination fees, loan establishment fees which are fixed fees not associated to interest. I work in the technology department so I work on enhancing their systems and building out platforms for their customers.

I guess is what I’m asking is, can I trust that my income is halal from my job?

If the transactions of this company are limited to interest-based lending, and all of its income is from usury, then working in it is forbidden, even if your work is permissible.
And if it is other work, then you judge your salary as permissible.
Yes, if the company's clients are not Muslims, it is permissible to take interest from them, so your salary will be permissible.