I live in Canada and in our public schools there's misguidance and sin everywhere. When I was in these public schools students would spread around information about masturbation and suggest it to eachother. There were many Muslims including my Muslim friends who fell into this trap being young and unaware and to this day haven't quit because of their addiction and it has destroyed their spirituality and stopped them from praying salah. Some Muslims have even fell into Zina because of this. I was also victim to this but Alhamduillah I'm free from this filth now. I do however have a younger brother who is approaching the same age where this sort of thing begins to spread around. I'm very worried for him. I don't want him to fall into this sin and end up in the same position as others. How can I protect him from falling into this sin? It is not usual for siblings to talk about this so it is a bit awkward.

1- Try to go back to the time when you had these struggles in school, and try to think what would have been the best advice someone could give you at the time? What approach would have been effective with you?

2- Then use that approach with your brother. Even if it’s awkward, you have to help him. Tell he will come across such challenges, but that you will help him find the strength to deal with it all. If you cannot directly talk to him about this, talk to one of his close friends and have that friend address it with him. Just make him aware of the dangers of those paths as best as you can, and share with him effective strategies to fight them.