I live in India and for work purposes I need to travel for 2-3 days. I do not know any Muslim restaurant there and may have to eat the hotel food provided to me there. Can I eat the food provided to me in the following 4 cases:
1. I come to know the food the company has ordered for me has come from a polytheist(mushrik) restaurant. Can I eat? If not, what should I tell my boss?
2. I don't know whether the food is from which restaurant but since it's largely a polytheist(mushrik) area should I presume it is from a polytheist(mushrik) restaurant. If I make that assumption, and chose not to eat, please suggest a way out of this vicious cycle.
3. I'm not sure whether the food is prepared by a Muslim or polytheist(mushrik), and the staff does not show any sign of religion either. Can i eat?
4. the staff is polytheist(mushrik) but they use gloves and there's no manual intervention that I am aware of. Can i eat?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to eat outside with so many restrictions (for e.g. nonveg everywhere in India is claimed as not halal by someone or the other- so even if they have a halal certificate I can't trust the certification so i avoid eating nonveg from outside). In veg items i need to find a restaurant that either is run by a Muslim or has no manual intervention. All of these restrictions are abidable when I'm at home. I've followed these rules rigorously for the past 10 years. However, now when I go to new places it becomes impossible for me to eat outside. I think I'm not aware of the exact fiqh regarding eating rules. Please enlighten me in detail.

If you sure that foods are halal, or you not sure that foods are haram according to shia fiqh these foods are halal for you and you can eat it.