I live in India and majority are non muslims.
I know the rulings that they are najis and also it’s about wetness and surety that we have to consider.

But still practically it gets very difficult sometimes in our daily life. So please can you answer my questions so that it’s more clear and easy to practise.

1) What’s the way of cleansing (pak) if we get in contact (wet) with a non Muslim for example our hands, our clothes or any of our object? Wash it once with kaleel water or something else?

2) I am in office and a Non Muslim touches my clothes with wet hands. I can’t change clothes because I have to go to my home which is far. So now how do I say my Zuhr Asr Namaz? Should I read it Qaza after I reach home at night or something else?

3) We have to buy items that have moisture for example milk packet, cold drink or water bottle from fridge and also we are sure that the shop person is Non Muslim and he hands these items to us by holding them and this gets very common so how do we deal with this?

4) After having haircut from non muslim and hair was made wet and also used helmet after wards to ride back home so now I wash my hair, my clothes and helmet as well?

5) I really want to have Hair Keratin done on my self. I have this non muslim barber who is really good and professional at this. Now there are other Muslim barbers but they are not good and also there is risk that my hair might get damaged if go with them so the non muslim barber is the option that I have for now.
In this keratin process his wet hands will touch my hair. So the problem is that after the keratin process there is a requirement that we can’t wash our hair for 24 hours so how to deal with this as I have to say my Namaaz.?

1- It is enough to wash it once with a little water.
2- You can just wash that part with some water, and if it is not possible, but you can take that piece off and pray without it, then do it.
Otherwise, if all this is not possible, just pray with non-pure clothes, but do not leave the prayer to become Qaza.
3- If he handed it to you and it was wet, then, just wash your hand later.
4- Yes, but why do you need to wash the clothes if he did not touch them?
5- Ask him to wear gloves.
Otherwise, do not do the Keratin. It is not must.