I live in Sweden and it's normal to use makeup here. My skin doesn't look even, some places look darker than others, like for example under my eyes. Is it okey to use some foundation to just even out the color on my face and hide any irregularities? It will look like I have clearer skin but it won't look like I'm using a lot of makeup. Also it won't look like I'm tired or sick. Here in Sweden it's more common to use makeup than not. So if I don't it will attract more attention that what it would if I used a small amount.

as for as make up concern it is not permissible to have make-up for non mahram in such a way that it could be considered as a Zeenat ( adornment) and this is not allowed.But what people think if you don't do much more make is not a criteria in Islam.Yes if some kinds of make-up is because of its frequent use now considered as a normal thing in a society then one can have such make-up with this intention to protect her skin but not to showoff (May Allah forgiven us).