I live in the country in a yard that is separated from the rest of my family’s property because I’m a Muslim and they are nims and they own a dog, and sometimes this dog gets on my side of the property and urinates in my yard. The grass is really tall here. How does this grass/yard become taher again after the dog has urinated?

1) Does it become taher with only the sun shining on it?

2) Or does it need to rain also?

3) Should I spray it down with a hose and then let the sun dry it? I don’t know what to do about this problem. This dog went exactly to the area I like to pray outside and urinated there, so I really want to figure out how I can make that area taher again.

1- Yes. If it was wet when sun rise, and it dried it.
2- Yes. If it dried before sun shine.
3- This is another way to clean it.