I live in two places. I’m at my parents property that I have lived at since I was six years old for three days of the week. The rest of the week, I live 25 miles away with my husband. This does not change, and has been this way for many years now.

Anyway, I was told many years ago when I first became muslim, that as long as I traveled after afternoon prayer, it wouldn’t invalidate my fast.

Now I have the same question again because my husband may need to be going back and forth between these two places with me,however, he never stays overnight with me. He only comes for a few hours then he returns to the city. Is this really considered "traveling"? It’s my home at either place, and I never have the intention of "travelling", just going from one home to the other home, but Islamic law is very precise.

Does qasr apply to either of us?

You have two homes; therefore you would fast when you are in either place even if you don’t stay there ten full days.

However, when you are traveling from one home to the other home, if you leaver after Dhuhr time, then you keep your fast. If you leave before Dhuhur like 9 am and arrive before Dhuhr like 10 am then you keep your fast as well. Only if you leave before Dhuhr and arrive the other home after Dhuhr then you’d have to break your fast.

Having said that, there are two points here:

1- We are assuming that you are actually traveling from one home to the other home. If both of these homes are in one city, like New York or Chicago or London, then this is not considered traveling and you’d keep fasting in all scenarios.

2- If you are a frequent traveler then you keep your fast even if you are traveling. So if you are traveling twice every week, then you are a frequent traveler and you would keep your fast.

As for your husband he is able to keep his fast if he travels after Dhuhr. Now regarding the Isha prayer, he has to pray Qasr unless he is a frequent traveler (he travels to your parent’s house) several times a week. In that case he’d pray full.