I missed some fasts intentionally during my life since I became baligh but not sure exactly how many days I missed from age of balighat.
1. How would I calculate how many days I should makeup ?
2. Besides fasting for those missed days what will be kaffarah or Fidya or both ?
3. If Kaffarah is giving food to 60 poor for each day then how much food and does it have to be cooked or can it be given raw
4. Poor have to be momin or any muslim ?
5. I am planning to send money to my cousin in Pakistan and he will distribute it on my behalf. Is it ok?

It’s not easy to calculate exactly ones left fasts but it depends on his/her past lifestyle, I mean if you are sure that the environment you lived for example 20 years and you are sure that in those years you had not fasted then you will have somehow an exact number but if you know that some time you had fast and some times you had not fasting, then calculate based on that.
Shariya has given relaxation here you may choose least numbers in those years you left your fasts.
As for as Kaffārah concern it is 750 grams wheat for each fasts if you are not capable say Qadha for your lest fasts.
This Kaffārah food should be given to Miskin from Imamia otherwise if not possible you can give to at least a practicing Muslim.