I needed some advise on stopping breastfeeding, my daughter is 22 months and there are another 5-6 weeks before her Islamic 2 year birthday and I will have to stop breastfeeding her then. I don't know what to do or how to stop. Some people have advised applying something like Mustard on the breast, but I was not sure if that was a good idea or not. Your advise will be much appreciated. Jazakallah

There are many recommended methods of weaning, this manual only mentions a few that have been have been mentioned in Islamic sources and by the Ahlul Bayt (as):

1. Do not use harshness with the child, and stay away from techniques like rubbing spices on the breast, etc.

2. When a child insists on breastfeeding, do not chase him/her away from you.

3. With attention to the fact that breastfeeding is not only a source of food but a source of closeness and comfort for the child as well, it is important that along with adequate food replacements, adequate love and quality time with the child are provided as well.

4. Choosing a good time and place for the beginning and end of all acts, especially those with importance and value, is one of the techniques of the scholars of Islam. Therefore, it is only appropriate that for the weaning of a child from such an important act as breastfeeding, a good place and time is chosen, and acted upon by taking into account the readiness of the child and presentation of a good opportunity.

5. Where possible, the best place for weaning is the ĥarām (shrine) of the Ma°ŝūmīn (as) or Imāmzade (sons or daughters of the Imāms).

6. The recommendation of a scholar is as follows:

In the last months of breastfeeding when the decision has been made to slowly wean the child, do Wuďū and enter the ĥarām in a ritually clean state. Once you have reached the ďarīh (noble grave), recite the relevant ziyārat and ask for tawassul (Divine Intercession) of the noble person. Then, take a peeled sweet pomegranate and sit facing the Qibla.

While reciting Surat Yāsīn, feed the child from both breasts until the milk is finished, and blow on the pomegranate from time to time. At the end of the recitation, send the reward of the recitation to the soul of 6-month old °Alī Asghar and his mother. Then pray to Allāh (SwT) to accept the period of breastfeeding by his generosity, and to give meaningful sustenance to your children with the end of breastfeeding. Then feed the child the whole pomegranate (or the juice of it).

NOTE: The sweetness of the pomegranate has been emphasized in particular. Also in general, eating pomegranate is very useful, especially on Fridays, and has been linked to increased relaxation, the removal of agitation and worries.

NOTE: If going to the ĥarām is not possible for geographical or other reasons, it is possible to make the intention of visiting the shrine and performing all the recommended acts at home.