I performed a wajib ghusl and noticed afterwards a very small amount of sharpie on my finger. It has seeped through but did not make a mass. On Ayatollah Sistani's site, he says as long as there is no mass it is fine.. I want to make sure that this is the case in my situation? Should I repeat my ghusl or do tayammum according to the following:

“You should remove all barriers, sticking to the body, that may hinder the immediate contact of water with the parts of the body, such as paint or glue. If the barriers prove difficult to remove, you should perform tayamum. And if they happen to be present in the parts of the body that you usually wash (or wipe) for wudhu, [you should carry out both the ghusl and tayamum]”

If it was a very small amount not significant then it is ok.