I plan on becoming a scholar/speaker in the future. I realize the best way of pursuing this goal would be to study in the seminaries in Iraq or Iran, but because of my certain personal issues, I am unable to leave the US for an indefinite period of time. Though, inshallah, this could change in the future, in case it doesn’t, what would be the best way of pursuing Shi’i scholarship and becoming a speaker in the US? How does one begin public speaking as a scholar?

The goal of going to the hawza is to learn and share what you gain of knowledge, it is not necessarily to become a scholar or speaker. Scholarly work and giving speeches are tools by which a knowledgeable person imparts what is important. I mention this because the course of becoming a “scholar” is more than just learning, it is about building trust with others and engendering lofty qualities. As such, you should endeavor to study in any way that is available (read books, join online classes, attend local lessons). With sincere intention and life-long learning as the goal, speaking and scholarship come naturally