I play a video game with these group of people who are not your average atheists but more anti-theists. I enjoy playing the game with them but based off the things they’ve said I fear Allah (swt) will be mad at me if I continue friendships with these people.

One of them said religion has a history of sexism and that’s why God/Jesus is portrayed as male

The other mocked Bible verses of God talking and said it’s bs (he did this randomly while we were playing the game is was odd)

The other person played one game very well and said “is this the power of God?”

These to me are extreme kuffr, I don’t agree with the things they say and my only desire is to play the game with them (I don’t know them irl either) is it permissible to continue to talk these people and play the game with them?

If by you playing the game with them, you want to be influenced and you are not encouraging their anti theism it’s fine