I read this on page 703 of translation of the holy Quran by Mir Ahmed Ali that Imam Ali bin Musa Ar Ridha has pointed out the events of the test and trial of Prophet Adam (not approaching the forbidden tree) took place in the place of bliss where Adam was not yet aware of the names, and therefore was not yet chosen as the vicegerent of Allah.
I am a bit confused. Does this mean that Prophet Adam was tricked by Shaitan before the event when God asked the angels to postrate to Adam, and Shaitan refused?

Basically the tradition indicates that Adam (a) was not a Hujjah and vicegerent in that garden, but when he descended down to earth he became the vicegerent of Allah. Based on this, we can conclude: Allah creates Adam, then he commands the angels to prostrate to him, then later he teaches him all the names and then makes him his vicegerent.