I realize and know each and every gunnah I perform or do. Each time I do gunnah, I do have in mind that its wrong. I want to leave each of it but I can’t. At times now I feel my heart is too black that it doesn’t repent. I listen to different majalis and nohas and when in particular I listen to toba ones, I do cry unintentionally too but even at that time I know I’m reciting tobah by heart but I may perform this again. I do not know any solution of this. My aakhirat is destroyed but I solemnly believe Allah that He is All Horgiving. Please guide me how can I make my heart repent and not to repeat gunnah

Please try and do istighfar and tawbah genuinely for 40 days. Recite Ziyārat Ashura as well. Start small steps and repentance is a door to seeking Allah swt. You need to feel and believe in God and feel His presence. spiritual refinement is also needed