I really appreciate the incredible classes taught by you (published on the Thaqlain). On a the recent Episode 177 you presented to ahadith that seemingly contradicted and I would be happy if you could clarify the discrepancy. At the time stamp 22:40 You describe that the Imams(SA) have mentioned 2 prerequisites to the hitting aspect of the verse, one being that you must use a toothbrush (Siwak). Later at the time stamp 29:20 you narrate from the prophet (SAWW) "Dont Hit your wives with an Object". There is a clear discrepancy here. Please explain this

1- The hadith from the Imam about the Siwak basically means you cannot hurt your wife. If she is insisting on her wrong and you must discipline her, then do it in a way that she does not get hurt. The point is to let her know her behavior is not welcome.

2- As for the hadith about not hitting one’s wife, this is the general instruction. It’s haram for a believer to hit his wife. Some men think it’s completely ok. It is not. Yes, there is an exception which the verse refers to. However, when the conditions of the exception are fulfilled, one must make sure not to hurt her or leave any marks. It must be gentle.