I really need your help regarding problem I'm facing ethically. I have a friend who is not quiet financially stabe but no too unstable. I have helped her alot through out. She is also my roommate. Few a times she had used my things even though she has those things of her own. But she kind of saves her thing . And moreover she damaged my things and said “ you can get these things mended from any shop!”
It hurt me and now I hesitate sharing my things but this thing is making me seem very low in front of my other roommates. I dont know how to handle this situation
Or what is moral obligation in such situation?
Things are not important but seeing the attitude where nobody cares is hurtful for me.

1- First of all know that Allah will compensate you for your act of goodness towards her. Try not to bee too concerned with how others look at this situation. What’s important is how Allah looks at such situations.

2- Be open with her. In a respectful way, telling her that what you are doing is putting me in a difficult spot and it’s making me look bad. And politely ask her not to do that anymore. So you just have to be open and clear with her. And remind her that she is your friend and you would always be willing to help her, but she cannot take advantage of you.