I really want to know the real traditions of Islam in relation to marriage. In my culture, we have the (jahez) which the girls family gives to their daughter when she gets married, secondly we have (haq of the mothers milk) which the groom gives to the brides mother as a gift or hadiya you can say and thirdly haq mehr where the groom gives something in a form of gift to his wife.
Can you please tell me if these 3 points are right according to islamic traditions.

The only thing in Islam is the mahr (dowry), which is given by the groom to the bride to marry her, and not as a gift or hadiya.
He do not have to give any thing to her mother for the milk or her father for raising her up, and the family is not responsible to provide jehaz for the daughter. It is the husbands responsibility to prepare a furnished house for his wife, according to his ability.