I recently got released from prison after being wrongfully accused and convicted. By the grace of Allah my innocence was proven and I am home now after 10 years. I still question how that happened to me why Allah allowed it to happen and allowed injustice to happen to me on such a scale. I am low back in society and it is hard to readjust and sometimes I feel like I am a failure and I have not yet achieved anything in life especially when I see how my friends became and how successful they are know. Al hamdulila for everything but I still question my destiny and I don’t know how to live forward and move on. It is hard for me to open up and explain more but I pray that you are understanding my struggles and my inner battles. I strive hard to stay on the right path and do my daily practices and I thank Allah daily for freeing me and helping me but I can’t seem to understand why I had to go through all this pain and suffering and injustice and oppression.
Also society is not merciful and I keep getting questioned and looked at different by people once they hear prison even though I got proven innocent and that puts me even more down and discourages me. Please give me some insight and advice and sense of hope.

Wa alaykum salam. I understand. I myself did 9 years in maximum security. It takes a lot of perseverance to make it brother. Check out this lecture https://youtu.be/N5R3PxrUsn8

I also founded a program to send books into prisons www.2ndchancebooks.org

May Allah make it easy on you brother