I recently heard from a lecture about Prophet Yusuf. The lecturer said thst Prophet Yusuf did not go to greet his father, Prophet Yakub, but instead stay put, and because of this, Allah stopped the prophethood from his lineage. Is this true? I am a troubled by this as I thought prophets are men of the highest moral characters. Please shed some light on this matter.

The narration people talk about it that Imam Sadiq (as) says: “The reason why the sons of Yusuf (AS) did not reach the Prophet is because when his father went to Egypt, he got off his horse later than his father, and God did not appoint prophet from his progeny because of this “Tark-e -Awla”.[1]
In examining this narration, we find that there is a difference between the two narrators in the chain of narration [2], so this narration cannot be accepted.

However, Qur'anic verses state that Yusuf (as) held the utmost respect for his father and acted according to God's command; As the Holy Qur'an says:
«فَلَمَّا دَخَلُوا عَلَی یوسُفَ آوَی إِلَیهِ أَبَوَیهِ وَقَالَ ادْخُلُوا مِصْرَ إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ آمِنِینَ(یوسف /۹۹)

"Then when they came in to Yusuf, he took his parents to lodge with him and said: Enter safe into Egypt, if Allah please."(10; 99)
The words of this noble verse can be proof that Prophet Yusuf (AS) had gone out of the city to greet his father and companions and was waiting for their arrival, and when his father and companions entered, Prophet Yusuf expressed special love for them. And after performing the welcoming ceremony, he asked his father and companions to enter Egypt and settle in that land; Otherwise, the word "entry" had no place, but the word "meeting" and the like were appropriate. Although Allameh Tabatabai has a detailed discussion about the story of Prophet Yusuf, he has not mentioned that Prophet Yusuf did not come down and that was the reason the continuation of prophet hood cut off from her generation. [3]
On the other hand, there are Prophets in the sources who are descendants of Yusuf (Joseph). Yusha (Joshua) ibn Nun ibn Ephraim ibn Yusuf ibn Ya'qub was a prophet who was considered the successor and guardian of Prophet Moses (pbuh). [4] In addition, in another report, another descendant of Ephraim bin Yusuf has reached a prophet hood. [5] There is also a prophet named Jesus, a descendant of Ephraim ibn Yusuf. [6]

Thus the aforementioned Hadith and what commonly people talk about Prophet Yusuf (a.s) did not match with the Ayah 99 of Surah Yusuf. Also there are many proofs how much Prophet Yusuf respected his father.
Secondly there are several prophets in his generation.
Therefore, what is known to have been removed from the descendants of Prophet Yusuf due to lack of respect for a prophet is not acceptable.
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