I recently saw a lecture from a scholar that said you can't ask the Imams AS for rizq because that's ONLY for Allah and he related a hadith from Imam Ja’far AS and Imam ar-Ridha AS. But it seems that those ahadith are about those people who believe they receive rizq from them without the permission of Allah.

And there's ahadith that says the Ahl ul-Bayt AS has been given control over the affairs of creation (with Allah's permission obviously). So it seems someone contradictory to say "They have control over creation, but they can't give rizq."

I've been under the impression that you can ask the Ahl ul-Bayt AS for anything, including rizq.

So is asking them for rizq allowed or not?

1- We have complete Rizq and partial Rizq. As for complete Rizq, Allah is the Razzaq and sustainer. We conclude that the Ahlulbayt (s) don’t offer complete Rizq. God is solely the full, independent Razzaq.

2- We have partial Rizq. Some types of Rizq are given to us through the Imams. They have some forms of Rizq that they give us and share with us. It’s ok to ask them for partial Rizq.

That’s how we reconcile between these hadiths.