I reverted to islam so of course before then I didn’t wear hijab. Alhumdulilah now I do wear it …Most of my family has been so accepting of my conversion and respect my boundaries of not having especially my hair, but also my face on social media. However my dad has an old picture of me as his lock screen before i was Muslim. I asked him many times to change it because the public can easily see this picture of my hair. For example, his friends his age he hangs out with, he doesn’t try to hide his phone from them or anything. I sent him different photos of me from when i was a baby or me as a hijabi now and he refuses to change it. I feel like my honor has been taken away from me and it is really humiliating. Do you have any advice on if maybe I could convince him to change it?

My dear daughter.
I salute this conscious and pure spirit of faith in you, and I ask Allah Almighty to strengthen and steadfast you, and to guide you to all that is good.
With regard to the matter you mentioned, of course you are not guilty of what your father is doing, rather you are rewarded for asking him to change the image, and my advice to you is to take it with kindness.
Say to him: My dear father, I know how much you love me, how proud you are of me, and your disapproval of hurting me, and I ask you with all your love to change this image, for it hurts me.