I sent someone a Hadith where Hazrat Jibraeel says The pillars of guidance have been destroyed, and at the end of the hadith says The most pious man is martyred. they say several things, 1. this hadith is not true, 2. They say if this was willed by Allah and he knew it was willed, why be saddened about it, and to be overly saddened can only mean two things, you think Allah was wrong for not letting him intervene in his own death, since He is telling me (the one writing) that you believe he had "powers" or you think he was greater than the prophet. then i sent them another hadith regarding how Angels curse Ibn Muljim (la) and they said "Angels WHO HAVE NO FREE WILL take the time to curse someone that their creator willed to kill the Imam. What should i say to them?

1. Ask them of their reason as to why the Hadith is Weak. They cannot just say it’s weak without pointing to what makes it weak. Is it the chain of transmission or what?

2. Allah knowing about it doesn’t mean that we cannot grief. Ask them why do they feel sad when loose their loved ones in the family? Allah knows everything including Good or bad. Allah’s knowledge about everything doesn’t necessarily means Allah is the cause of. Human beings have Free Will and we have hands in what happens.

Allah is in charge and so He must know.

Angels have no Free will: yes and they do things according to Allah’s Command. Cursing of Muljim is one of the command and they had no choice to do otherwise.