I sometimes have confusion in understanding the justice of people born in a non-shia family. I believe there’s a hadeeth which says that deeds are only accepted if they accept the Twelve Imams and their values. So in the case that someone is born in a Christian or Sunni family and he spends his entire life trying to be a decent person. By a decent person I mean he fears a superior god, never hurts anyone and follows the rules according to his faith. Let’s say this person decides not to explore other possible options of faith due to ignorance and/or loyalty to his religion and this person dies in this way. Will this person never be able to enjoy the luxuries of heaven?

Allah judges us according to our capacity, circumstances and environment. If someone is born in a non-Shia family, is a decent person, really tries to worship and obey God, and didn’t have the opportunity to see the truth (12 Imams) then yes Allah may forgive or retest them on Judgment Day, and if they pass they can go to heaven. But if someone saw the truth and knew it was truth, yet he stubbornly rejected it, then such a person does not deserve to go to heaven (Allah may still choose to forgive if He wants to..but such a person deserves punishment). So we don’t say that all those who are non-Shia are going to Hell