I struggle with severe insecurity and low self esteem issues daily and it affects my relationships with others when I project my insecurities. How can I heal this? Naturally I am a shy person anyway and I understand that is a good trait and don’t intent to change that but part of that shyness is because I have very little confidence in myself. What should I do to remove these insecurities.

1- Know that Allah has created you. You are his creation. Feel honored. Let this make you feel special and confident. He created you based on his wisdom, and Allah doesn’t create something worthless.

2- Know that you believe in Allah and have the Wilayah of the Ahlulbayt. That’s the greatest honor. Feel special and blessed by Allah.

3- You need to work on yourself to separate positive/good shyness, and shyness that is undue. When it comes to your personal needs and issues, it’s ok to be shy. But when it comes to the truth, supporting the truth, supporting justice, helping others, and so on, be firm and remember that Allah wants you to be firm in these areas.

4- Read this Du’a:

إلهي كفى بي عزا أن أكون لك عبدا، وكفى بي فخرا أن تكون لي ربا إلهي أنت لي كما أحب فوفقني لما تحب

“Oh Allah it suffices me honor that I am your slave, and it suffices me pride that you are my Lord. You are as I like, so guide me to what you Like.”