I suffer from urinary incontinence (lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation). My urinary pipe leaks one or two droplets unknowingly in intervals of time, I come to know when see it or feel wetness so I don’t stay pure because of it.
1. The question is how do I perform my prayers?
2. Before this trouble I was good in prayer and in my religious life and I used to restrain my soul from sins. After this disease my religious life is getting ruined and still I am avoiding sins, but I am enough. I have sinned again and again. So please guide me.
3. I have decided to become a scholar, but how can I do that without purity and prayer?

1) If you are urinating on your self 24 hours non-stop you can do wudhu and pray and disregard what happens. However if you have a few minutes of time between each urine, you have to do wudhu and pray as soon as you can without any mustahab.

2) You have to pray and stay connected with God. Even if you don’t have wudhu you can recite Quran without touching the words, you can recite dua, you can listen to the Quran being recited.

3) You don’t need to always be in the state of purity to study religion.

I advise you to see a doctor who can give you medication to treat this issue.