I think I'm jealous of my friend. I would never feel jealous of anyone but dont know why I feel jealous. I'm confused if it's me or shaitaan(evil). I had prayed for one my friend that he may become good and told him to start praying and when he left this worldy life and started praying, sometimes I feel jealous inside which I hate. Please suggest something. What steps should I take to prevent this jealousy from me

I recommend the following:

1- Pray for your friend. Say Oh Allah, bless my friend. Bring him closer to you. Praying for your friend will help cure the jealousy in your heart.

2- Remember that Allah guided your friend, and you love Allah, and so you should love what your Lord does. Be comfortable with Allah’s decisions.

3- If you had prayed for your friend to be religious, then you will be rewarded for all the good your friend is doing. You will get a share of that. In reality you benefited by your friend becoming religious.

4- Pray two rak’as and gift them to Imam Mahdi (a), then directly talk to him and ask him to ask Allah to purify your heart from jealousy.