I used to be Muslim but left Islam for a while. During the time that I left Islam, I used to believe in God but I didn’t believe his name was Allah and I didn’t believe He sent the Quran. I just used to believe in a universal God but not that his name is Allah.

Since then I decided to come back to Islam but now i’m having confusion if Allah is a different God to the universal God that i used to believe in because the characreristics are all the same. He is unseen, He is the creator of everything etc. Or if it’s the same God and just that His name is Allah. I’m not sure if i’m believing in Allah correctly. Can you help me understand if I’m believing correctly?

Is it the meaning of the word Allah which means God that is His name or is it the letters alif lam lam ha that is his name?

Whether you believe in Allah or God, He is the same. As long as you believe in the Powerful Being who is Creator of everything and He has not been created, that is the main thing

Allah means The God ال الاه