I usually take out khums on our household foods such as cans, fridge and freezer items and clothing on May 24. However my husband takes khums out on the money for n his savings and checking account on islamic date of 17 Rabi Thani . Now I want to change our home goods khums to this Islamic date. Since it has been 7 months since I last took khums out on our items at home now how how should I assess which items need to have khums taken on them? That is, if there are canned foods in pantry from after May 24 that have not been used until today but I intend to use them sometime before next Rabi Thani do I take khums on that or only on those items that I am sure I won’t be using before next 17 Rabi Thani ?

The unused newly purchased items between the old date and the new date should be khumsed, the same is about any unused savings in between these two dates.