I want to ask about the parameters of what makes a Muslim an apostate? Is it as simple as someone in a moment of trial and hardship or when the person is angry that he made a mistake or commited a sin says something wrong but ultimately does not believe in it? Some people have thoughts and they end up thinking about things in their mind but they do not believe in them. Is that considered apostasy or just waswas? Or does it only make them an apostate when the person has to fully believe in the words that they are saying? For example when a person rejects a verse in the Quran in their thoughts and beliefs and says that they dont believe in the verses.

For a person to become an apostate:

They would have to fully believe in rejecting Islam or the Qur’an. Sometimes in moments of stress or difficulty a person may doubt something—that doesn’t make him an apostate. He has fully and officially reject it. For example, a person says: I don’t believe the Qur’an is God’s word. I reject this book. I officially leave Islam (statements like these).