I want to be a teacher in religion and ethics. It would include teaching students about all the different religions equally from a factual perspective. I'd be allowed to wear hijab.
Would that go against the deen in any way? It would not be teaching young kids about the false religions, but high school level. Would that be okay, as I would not present them as truth more than any other if they dont ask me personally about islam.

It may be that the students would look into it because I tell them about it. I am not allowed to make any religion sound better than another. That would be haram?

If you won’t be seen as advocating for any of those religion, and you don’t think you’d influence any student to look into a false religion and potentially follow it, then yes that’s permissible. Otherwise it would be haram. You can talk about those religions from a strict historical perspective without advocating for them in any way.

You can creatively make those religions that believe in God sound better, then make Islam seem to be the right religion (in a subtle way). If you do it this way, then it’s fine.

Also, given that you wear Hijab, students will most likely ask you questions about Islam, so that would be a good opportunity to tell them more about Islam.