I want to get married to someone I like (not that I already like someone or am in a relationship) but I don’t want to get married to someone who is not according to my liking. My parents are the kind of people who will not consider anything other than a guy being pious which is also a concern to me and I cannot talk to them as well. Kindly help me out. I do have some other expectations from the person I marry but my family has always been saying that nothing should matter if the person is religious and I don’t completely agree to that but I cannot do anything. I cannot marry according to my liking because I’ve always taught that good daughters obey their parents and I cannot tell what I want because I am a middle class average looking girl

Yes, we need to obey our parents but that doesn't mean that you cannot give your opinions, and put your interests forward to them on how you think of marriage and the spouse you are looking for. We need to talk to our parents in a way that they would respect our views as daughters / sons. So please do try and rationalise with your parents and communicate effectively with them. Even if you are middle class, there's no class system in the eyes of Allah swt.