I want to go to Qum for islamic studies and this year my graduation in bachelor of commerce will be completed and i am also pursuing a higher chartered secretary course here in India. Some of my family members and friends are opposing my decision of studying in Qum and they are saying that I am shutting the door of success and money. They are saying that you have studied from a good school, graduating from university, pursuing higher degree course. If you leave like this your parents' money will be wasted, which they bear from starting just to let study in a good college and school. Please advice me what to do. Should I go to Qum or should I live here.

This is a good aim to go in Hawza for Islamic Studies but a person should check all his/her life's aspects to decide that is it better to go to Hawza for him/her or not? first of all, he should consult good persons and his well wishers in this regard because this path (going to hawza for Islamic studies) is really very hard and needs a lot of patience and a person has to give up many materialistic benefits to achieve this sacred goal.
Therefore a person should try to act as per his good knowledge first and try to be a good follower of Ahlulbayt (a.s.) rather than going to Hawza directly. and If he feels that there is a need of him/her for Islam to gain Islamic studies and spread it through out the community and he can bear all the difficulties in this way then he should decide to go otherwise he/she should try to seek Islamic knowledge through different sources as per need and try to act accordingly and spread it among people. There are a lot of sources to gain Islamic knowledge because now we have internet access. There are a few online courses for Islamic studies. Al-mustafa international University (Qom,Iran) also offers online course via its open (Virtual) University.