I want to know every single things that makes us pure. Like shaving the private for males and other. Also I would like to know when to clip the nails and how to bury nails if it is a sunnah.

1- Being on Wudhu as much as possible

2- Removing all body hair frequently, such as every 15 days.

3- Combing one’s hair/beard before each prayer.

4- Burying the hair and nails.

5- Start clipping your nails beginning with the pinky of the left hand and ending with the pinky of the right hand.

6- Clipping one’s nail on Friday or Thursday.

7- Applying perfume

8- Applying ointments/oils to the head, such as the oil of Banafsaj.

9- Brushing one’s teeth with Meswak (wood).

10- Eating honey, and also vinegar with food.