I want to know more about the views of Sahabah from Shia perspective. I have researched about the youngest son of Abu Bakr, Muhammed. I have found that Shia hold a very positive view towards him (correct me if im wrong). However I could not find a view on Abu bakr’s eldest son. Abdul Rahman. Sunni belief is he fought along said Ali in the battle of the camel against Aisha. If this is true for Shia perspective, is he a viewed positively?

We Shias have the utmost respect for pious companions who obeyed the Prophet (s) and remained steadfast on the Prophet’s path. And we are critical of those Sahaba who were either hypocrites or they disobeyed the Prophet.

Historical sources indicate that Abdurrahman son of Abu Bakr vehemently opposed Muawiyah and Yazid for their injustices, and we Shias respect that about him. He did not pledge them allegiance. However, we have more respect for his brother Mohammad because Mohammad was very loyal to the Prophet’s family and Imam Ali praised him a lot.