I want to know that if in a joint family, where they live with each other, and if any of the person in that family becomes ill badly from so many years, so what will be the responsibily of the whole family who are living with each other?
Kya wo responsibility us beemar ki teemardari ki pure ghar ki hogi ya sirf us bimar k sage rishte daro ki hi hogi? Kyuki bimari ko ek arsa ho chuka h us bimar k khud k sage rishte use chor kar dusre shehro me chale gae ho, or har family k apne apne bhi kuch faraiz hote h. Please is bat ko wazeh kr diye iska jawab

Unfortunately day by day we are having same western culture and going far away from our own people. As you said no doubt it is first responsibility of his own family members to take care of him but if they are not taking care of him then it’s upon other relatives to look after him. One thing we should keep in our mind that when people are strong and young and giving their services to the society but when they become old not it’s every bodies responsibility to take care of him as he has done his job when he was able. Any way it has very big reward if anyone is taking care of such person in society.