I want to know the role of woman in this era. Is it the need of hour that woman should also be the first in the line of development? I am confused that should a woman do any job? How it can be the service to Islam? I mean now this is the era of technology and development. So according to this era, should a woman also be developed? What would be the responsibilities of a woman in the society? I have to choose my career this year. I have to make my merit according to the field. but I am not motivated. I want to do but I am confused that what should be more preferable. Doing studies and move forward is better or to remain just at home being female?

Our understanding of the role of women is the following:

1- Her priority should be her house. Raising the children and holding the family together is the most valuable contribution she can make. Any career she chooses should not make her sacrifice her home.

2- She should not be constantly exposed to men and deal with them. Any career she chooses should give her the space she needs. It should limit her exposure to men.

If these two conditions are observed, then she is free to choose any career that is appropriate for her.