I wanted to ask a few questions regarding umrah e mufridah;

1) Covering the ears isnt allowed, but is that only for men? (Like not in terms of hijab for women, but covering the ears to answer a phone call during ihram?) So do we pay kaffara on that?

2) Does the kaffara have to only be a sheep (or a goat is fine)?

3) I went for umrah during covid, so we had to wear face masks.
i) I tried to keep the mask as low as i could, and it covered my lower chin (which was still part of the face)
ii) And my mum, covered her chin area
So do we have to give kaffara?

4) I accidently looked into the mirror a few times, (there were too many mirrors in the hotel) and i accidently saw my reflection on my phone during ihram, so is there a kaffara on that?

5) Do the 25 things become haram after I wore my ihram or after I did my ihram niyat (so anything after masjid e shajarah)?

1. Yes it’s only for men
2. It depends what was violated
3. No as masks are obligatory
4. No kaffara as it was accidental
5. After you do niyya and say the talbiyah do the things become haram