I wanted to ask a question about Mutah. I am currently in contact with a guy who is quite serious about our relationship and want to take it further. Both of our families are aware that we talk to each other and do not have any objections with that. But we have never met yet and are planning to meet in a while. So, I and the guy, both want to perform Mutah to stay in a Halal relationship, but my father doesn't agree with that, thinking that the boy will take advantage of it.

So I wanted to ask you how can I convince my father to let me perform Mutah, and should I do it ?
And also is it possible if my father put some conditions ?

The conditional Mutah is what most of the parents do, and that is the Muta without touching, only for talking openly about any thing, even about private things, however, any private talk should remain private between the couples unless if it was a confusing matter and required counseling, which much be done with the consensus to disclose such information.