I wanted to ask about conflicts between Islam and the norm that has come of accepting LGBT people. When I learned about the subject, I thought that while we disagree with them, it was not haram to show them respect or support their fights for their rights. However, recently I had a conversation with my friend and she said that supporting the rights and doing things such as adding ones pronouns in their bio would fall under normalizing them, and therefore making the support haram. So what should I do?

Islam clearly considers homosexuality as sinful, so we cannot support it or normalize it. We don’t advocate for hatred or violence against them, and we don’t deny them human services, but we don’t encourage them or support them either. So we must avoid doing anything that supports them.

Now regarding the pronoun, if using their pronoun supports homosexuality then we should avoid it. If it doesn’t, then it’s fine. If someone doesn’t consider themselves a “he” or a “she,” and they are not openly gay/homosexual, and using a pronoun like “they” doesn’t support homosexuality, them it’s ok to use such a pronoun.