I wanted to ask about those girls who consider wearing only scarf as hijaab . They wear transparent scarves, clothes , tight jeans and leggings with short tops and nowadays a trend of Turban Hijaab is common amongst young Muslim women . They even top it with tonnes of makeup and some of them even put out some flicks of hair in display with their necks and body shape showing off. So, how shall we tell them or actually make them understand that they are actually disgracing hijaab as they think that people would take them as old fashioned if they don't do that " Hijaab fashion" In London , "HIJAAB RAMP WALK" is being organised annually to " honour hijaabies". On the other hand some women walk around wearing Afghani Burqaas, Chador, Abayas with not even their eyes visible which confuses the non muslims and they consider the above mentioned as "extremists" and prefer those who are not either of them (don't wear hijaab at all) So what is the right way to adopt and make non muslims understand?

They need to be advised that hijjab means cover, and they are asked to cover their body in a way that do not show its details.
Hijab is not a fashion. It is protection