I wanted to ask how Husband and wife should pray together at home.

1) As it is just two people what is the procedure regarding praying Salah together. Will there be Iqamah, Azaan, will the Husband lead the prayer in Jammah style and how should they be positioned.

2) If it is just the husband and wife, does the wife do Iqama or the Husband?

3) When the Imam is leading the prayer, do the people reading behind the imam recite Surah Fatiha and another Surah as well, or do they stand quietly and just listen to the Imam?

1) Yes the husband leads and the wife is behind him. She should be doing sajda to the point of where his knees are in sujood. Iqama etc is as normal,

2) She can do iqama no problem

3) They should not recite fateha and other surah as in jamaat prayers only the imam does this