I wanted to ask if people "evolve" levels in Jannah. For example, there are 8 gates to paradise. Let’s say you are able to get only into one gate in Paradise. Is it true that overtime, the other gates would open up for you? Is the reward you have in Jannah permanently fixed?

There will be no such elevation in Jannah after the final Judgment because after the final judgment all the rewards and deeds will have been calculated then a person will enter in the paradise and that would be eternal. But before the Day of judgment those who has passed away his souls are going to Barzakh (Purgatory) where it is possible his family or friends and relatives doing any goods deeds on his or her behalf and the Baqiyatuss Salehat he has left behind him in this world will benefit him in the Barzakh day by day but after final judgment there will be no elevation. But what you have asked about 8 gates of Paradise is not fixed may be a person can use any of them.