I wanted to ask one related question related to my treatment (for depression). Although I am feeling much better, I found my treatment made me unable to express tearfulness in Majalis during Muharram. My heart felt the usual pain at the trials and tribulations of the Ahlul Bait, but I was physically unable to express my grief. Will this have any impact on my reward and Ibadaat during Muharram?

Not at all. Imam’s gham and grief doesn’t mean that if it has not been done at a specific place or time then it would not be considered as if you have not done lamentations for him. Rather it has different perspectives. If a person has all the conditions, he must join the gathering and visit the Husainiyya’s and masajids etc. But as you said your conditions did not permit you. Can you imagine our Imam e Masoom that he or they punish or curse someone who has not participated in their mourning gatherings, Not at all.