I wanted to ask question on behalf of my wife.
she has had a Coil fitted for means of Contraception since many years. This has led to not having the normal periods as any woman will have i.e. 7 days.
My wife always states that she might have some spotting now and then just for a day or two or only mild bleed for again a day or two.
So in this case will this be considered as periods and will she be Najis and will have to do Ghusl everytime or not.
Please also clarify if she only has soptting for two days and then there is nothing then does she need to wait for 7 days completley to keep away from ibadat or not.

One or two days are not considered period. It is called Istihadha. She do not need to do ghusl. However, if it was heavy bleeding, then she needs to do 3 ghusls, one for Fajr prayer, one for duhr and asr prayers, and third for maghrib and Isha, while if the bleeding is mild, then she needs to perform wudu for each prayer.