I wanted to ask relating to the status of a hadith I come across. Also regarding the status of most hadith, I have this app known which often share hadith which I am greeted with every time I open the app. In the order of, Firstly checking the contents of the Hadith then checking for the sources and then continuing to share them sometimes out of fear of not sharing due to not knowing the status of the Hadith. what action must I take when I come across such an Issue?

Imam Jafar ibn Muhammad [a] said

“If drums and cymbals are played at one’s house for forty days, Allah will impose a satan by the name of ‘faqandir’. The satans will infiltrate into every cell of the person’s body. With the spread of this evil, the person loses all sense of dignity and self-esteem. He will then not care as to what he says or what is said about him. Then, this satan blows into this person. As a result, he becomes utterly shameless. So mush so that he is not concerned or affected even if his women are dishonoured”

(Greater Sins Vol 1, part 3, page 295;
Wasaelush Shia)

Ahadees related to ahkam and rulings better you follow your Mujtahid.
Normally these kind of ahadees shows the importance and seriousness of the actions.
And if you are forwarding with reference no problem in it. InshaAllah